Friends of the River Valley keep the Artvan rolling into the River Valley

Friends of the River Valley help to keep the Artvan rolling. With additional funding, the Artvan program has expanded its presence in the River Valley school system. This has allowed them to build upon the relationships they started in the 2021-22 school year. These bonds of trust between the Artvan staff and students are critical to helping these children excel. Jamie Silvestri, Program Director, Founder, and Art Therapist reports that students have developed trust with ArtVan staff and the art-making process based on the ease of their work. Their stories reveal deeper issues related to inner conflicts and situations. Artistic confidence is increased along with healthy risk-taking. The staff are more familiar, relaxed, and supportive of ArtVan and its art therapy approach.  We are thrilled to see these connections grow to create a safe environment for students’ productive outlet for self-expression.

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