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WFRP - Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program at Boondocks Farm

The  Western Foothills Regional Program provides services to students and families in a therapeutic environment focusing on individualized instruction and trauma-sensitive practices. With a Friends of the River Valley grant, WFRP students will attend Equine Assisted Psychotherapy programs at Boondocks Farm. 

Crystal Duguay, WFRS director, was granted $2,500 Winter/Spring of 2023 for students to attend the aforementioned program at Boondocks Farm. Research shows that EAP positively impacts students with trauma-related conditions. Among many positive outcomes, EAP reduces symptoms of intrusive memories, nightmares, and flashbacks. This therapy also supports building trust and confidence through developing horse skills and staying focused in the present moment. This program provides emotional healing and advancement for these children.

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